Some of the Xmas cards I have for sale now in my Etsy shop, £2.50 per card:

More of the designs I entered for wraptious cushion compettion.

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I turned my hermit illustration into a pair of cushions for the wraptious cushion competition. I quite liked the idea of them shouting across the sofa to each other. If you would like to help me gain votes click on the links and like them :)

I’ve just finished making some Xmas gift tags of my card designs. If you fancy any you can buy them now in my Etsy shop!

I’ve been joining in with Illustration Friday (which I love doing, need to try do this more often!)

The word of the week for these 2 was:

Neighbour: not sure why, but it made me think of two hermits saying hello to each other from their neighbouring mountains, so here that is :)

Sailor: which made me think of ‘hello sailor’, which then made me think of Manatees. Probably not the usual train of thought, but I like mythical creatures and spent a while on my MA looking into where the myths came from. Mermaids seem to be very trendy at the moment, and Manatees are classed as a vulnerable species as their numbers in the wild are dropping, so it seems a good time to give them more attention.

Babies are cute, I quite like them really. Although they definitely can be noisy and messy, new parents know that all too well but it’s still fun for us to laugh at them for it ;)
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I thought I’d post this one as it’s getting into peak wedding season, and wedding cake is usually pretty good isn’t it?!
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Just realised how long it’s been since I posted anything on my blog! I’ve been distracted recently by designing greetings cards that I’ve been selling to shops in Manchester, and I’m slowly building my Etsy shop too. Etsy is complicated, still not sure what SEO is or how it works exactly, but anyway, I thought I’d post a link to my shop from for a few of my most popular cards here too.
This one was inspired by loooong car journeys with my little sister, as soon as she saw it she asked if it was based on her! I drew it with affection though.
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This is my entry for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards 2016, for the theme of Nonsense literature with a modern twist. I was thinking about lies we tell to explain things it’s hard to understand, with explaining where babies come from to children being a classic example. In my image I’ve included some of the things adults tell children, but also some of the stories children tell to themselves to explain where they come from. I think my favourite one was that they parachute out of an aeroplane and their dad’s catch them on the hospital roof!

I’ve been playing with illustrating book quotes, this is one from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, but I wanted to relate it to the wider adventure of beginning reading any kind of new story.

I made this for a brief a few years ago to illustrate a David Bowie lyric. I chose Jean Jeanie (sits like a man but he smiles like a reptile). I played nothing but his music for a year as a teenager and I still believe Labrynth is one of the best films ever. So glad he existed, gutted he’s gone RIP xx

These are some simple line drawings I created to apply for a commission. They asked for a friendly vole and a cave painting among other things. When researching images of cave paintings the mammoth drawings were my favourites.

I created eight illustrations from Alice in Wonderland, to be displayed in libraries across Essex for their ‘Down the rabbit hole’ event, funded by the Arts Council England. They are to form a ‘wonderland trail’ as part of their celebrations to mark the 150yr anniversary of the book.

As part of this project I ran a workshop to consult with a group of young people at Chelmsford library in Essex about what parts of the story they would like me to illustrate and to think about character design. Here are some of the brilliant drawings produced by Katie, Rebecca, Eloise, Sarah, Jessica, Gabriella and Ella.
A big thank you to you all for joining in, it was great to work with you all.

I thought I’d post a photo of my work space. Whilst I was working on the illustrations I had copies of the drawings from the workshop stuck on the wall next to me, along with the written descriptions for the characters that the group gave me, and layout ideas for each scene.

This is a close up of the quick thumbnail sketches I drew for each scene, under direction from the group, during the workshop. Although the exact composition was tweaked and added to when I worked on the final illustrations, I kept these in mind whilst drawing, with a few extra details added here and there.

This is the first image, with the first time Alice sees the white rabbit. I have included the instructions the group gave me for the scene and a rabbit drawn in the workshop too.
The group voted that the rabbit should have a red jacket, the Cheshire cat should be pale grey with pink, blue and purple patches, and that Alice should be a strawberry blonde. All great ideas in my opinion, but I especially like the idea of Alice’s hair colour, I’m all in favour of redheads!
I added the Cheshire cat to this scene too to give the impression wonderland is already appearing (that Alice is already asleep).
There is a scene in the story where Alice’s neck grows too long and her head goes through the tree tops and scares a pigeon in its nest. This scene wasn’t chosen for the final few so I thought it might be nice to add a pigeon here being scared by the rabbit instead.

The pool of tears, after Alice has grown too big to get through the door to the beautiful garden. The group wanted the ‘French mouse’ in this scene to be wearing a red beret.

For the caucus race (where the animals that were swimming in the pool of tears run in circles to dry off), the group wanted me to show the hall in the distance behind, and to include the mouse, a dodo and a lizard

This is the finished caucus race, I thought it would be nice to have Alice joining in. Until I read the original story again before I started this project I had forgotten about the group of little animals and birds that crop up quite often, I love drawing little creatures so this was one of my favourite to do.