I turned my hermit illustration into a pair of cushions for the wraptious cushion competition. I quite liked the idea of them shouting across the sofa to each other. If you would like to help me gain votes click on the links and like them :)

I’ve been joining in with Illustration Friday (which I love doing, need to try do this more often!)

The word of the week for these 2 was:

Neighbour: not sure why, but it made me think of two hermits saying hello to each other from their neighbouring mountains, so here that is :)

Sailor: which made me think of ‘hello sailor’, which then made me think of Manatees. Probably not the usual train of thought, but I like mythical creatures and spent a while on my MA looking into where the myths came from. Mermaids seem to be very trendy at the moment, and Manatees are classed as a vulnerable species as their numbers in the wild are dropping, so it seems a good time to give them more attention.