More of the designs I entered for wraptious cushion compettion.

If you like them and fancy helping me get votes you can click on the links below and like them :)

I turned my hermit illustration into a pair of cushions for the wraptious cushion competition. I quite liked the idea of them shouting across the sofa to each other. If you would like to help me gain votes click on the links and like them :)

I’ve been joining in with Illustration Friday (which I love doing, need to try do this more often!)

The word of the week for these 2 was:

Neighbour: not sure why, but it made me think of two hermits saying hello to each other from their neighbouring mountains, so here that is :)

Sailor: which made me think of ‘hello sailor’, which then made me think of Manatees. Probably not the usual train of thought, but I like mythical creatures and spent a while on my MA looking into where the myths came from. Mermaids seem to be very trendy at the moment, and Manatees are classed as a vulnerable species as their numbers in the wild are dropping, so it seems a good time to give them more attention.

This is my design to decorate an owl sculpture for the Big Hoot, a large scale art event on the streets of Birmingham in 2015.
I started by researching things to do with Birmingham. I had no idea just how many interesting things were connected to the city, or how many inventions were created there. I ended up with quite a long list, and didn't really want to leave any out. The postage stamp was invented in Birmingham and covering my owl in stamps gave me the perfect excuse to include them all!